The most widely used Vault Doors in high risk security application, high security protection against modern methods of burglary attack for your valuables. State of Art Construction using the latest barrier material.

​Your Benefits:

  • Overall door thickness of 251mm with solid door slab with a protective thickness of 114mm forms the basis of the door.
  • Filled with a specially formulated F80 barrier material reinforced with steel fibers.
  • The safe is secured by 7 heavy cylindrical through bolts, 2 top bolts and 2 bottom bolts securing all 4 sides of the door. The horizontal through bolts extend throughout the full width of door. Each bolt has a measuring diameter of 38mm.
  • The door is secured witha single 3-wheel Keyless Combination Lock and a 11-lever double bitted Key Lock with non-detachable ket bit as standard.
  • Both Keyless Combination Lock and Key Lock are protected by Glass Relockers. Any forced attemps to dislodge the locks would activate a total of 7 independent relockers. Relockers are further protected by Chubbsafes patented Torch and Drill Resistant (TDR) Material.

Specification Sheet:


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