3 1/2 inch Strongroom Door

​3.5″ Strongroom Doors are specially designed to meet the demands for a high security installation. Constructed to resist against modern cutting tools such as high speed drills, force and fire.

​Your benefits:

  • Solid door slab with protective thickness of 89mm forms the basis of the door which has an overall thickness of 226mm.
  • Filled with specially formulated F80 barrier material reinforced with steel fibres.
  • Door secured by 7 active front bolts, 2 active top bolts, 2 active bottom bolts and 7 fixed rear bolts. Each bolt has a diameter of 50mm.
  • Secured with a single 3-wheel keyless combination lock and a 11-lever double bitted key lock as standard.
  • Protected by 2 Glass relockers, any forced attempts to dislodge the locks would activate both relockers and hence restricts the movement of the internal boltwork system.

Specification Sheet:


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