• Safe Deposit Locker incorporates qualities design and durability of highest order. Two separate sets of locks of 10 levers each are used to operate the lockers with a unique key profile. With a vast range of variations, the possibility of 2 keys being identical is virtually impossible.
  • Installed throughout the global in many of world’s finest financial institutions. Trusted as leader in Safe Deposit Lockers installation, Chubbsafes offer an unrivaled level of security while remaining committed to its core values of trust and security.
  • No two Safe Deposit Locker installation are identical. Each installation is treated individually and is carefully planed to meet local requirements.
  • When contacted at the initial planning stages, security installation problems peculiar to your needs are thoroughly studied and detailed plans may be submitted without obligation.

Dual Control Locking Mechanism

  • Each locker is fitted with a dual control lock with 2 keyholes. One key is for the Renter and the other for the Custodian.
  • This ensures that the Custodian and the Renter has to be present when any safe deposit locker is accessed.
  • The Custodian’s key must be first inserted and turned before the Renter’s key can be used. The locking bolt may then only be withdrawn to open the door to retrieve the inner container. The Custodian will then withdraw his key as the
  • Renter’s key is only required to relock the Safe Deposit Locker.
  • The Renter key can not withdrawn without locking the door. For increased security, the lock on each Safe Deposit
  • Locker should be changed each time before a new user is assigned to the safe deposit locker.
  • Electronic Locks can be fitted to replace the key locks as an option.


Partition Plate: 3mm
Hinge Plate: 3mm
Lock Plate: 3mm
Intershelf Plate: 1.2mm
Bottom Shelf Plate: 1.2mm
Top Shelf Plate: 1.2mm
Back Cover Plate: 0.9mm
Intermediate Bar: 6mm
Door Plate: 9mm
Cover Plate: 0.8mm
Inner Container:0.55mm Plate
Lock: Dual control lock with 2 key lock

Technical Drawing


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